How do you hydrate?

Our bodies need the perfect blend of water, electrolytes and carbohydrates. Know the science behind what you’re drinking. Want to know more? Read about the science of hydration.

Why Charles Never Leaves Home Without Hoist

In Spring 2017, Charles Gilmer started feeling tired… all the time. It seemed like maybe pollen affected him, so he went to the doctor for allergies. After several rounds of medication and even shots, nothing happened. He didn’t feel any better. He went back, this time for a blood test. Turns out, Charles had cancer. […]

Avoiding Sugar Can Still Taste Sweet

Scott Sherbondy drinks three orange Hoists a day. For him, it’s all about staying healthy. While he’s always been thin, there’s heart disease and diabetes in his family. So at age 30, Scott gave up soda for Lent and never looked back. Around the same time, he went to the doctor for his annual well […]