Three Scary Facts About Dehydration

Staying hydrated is good for the body: it lubricates your joints, carries fluid to all your internal systems to help them function, helps your body maintain a healthy temperature, even clears your skin of toxins to make it more radiant.

Life at Hoist: Meet Alice

Life at Hoist: Meet Kelly

Life at Hoist: Meet Rachel

Why Inez Drinks Hoist

In 2013, I started running and lost 100 pounds. After that, I started short running races—I never planned to do any distance. But when I was all set to run the Disney 5K one year, a friend who was planning to run the Disney half marathon said she couldn’t do it, so I ran it […]

Life at Hoist: Meet Robbie

Robbie has worked at Hoist since 2011. “I wear many hats,” he says to describe what he does. And he does: from active merchandising to meeting buyers to planning events. His official title is Field Merchandising and Marketing Manager in Texas, which means he’s on the road promoting Hoist in all kinds of ways. Or […]

Life at Hoist: Meet Angie

Angie is Hoist’s Field Merchandising and Marketing Manager, covering North Carolina, most of South Carolina and Virginia. Her job includes merchandising stores, going in to see what product is there and if it’s priced correctly, backstocked, etc. She’s on the road four days a week visiting stores and running sampling events. Without even being asked, […]

Life at Hoist: Meet Kari