Life at Hoist: Meet Maura

Maura Brooks is the merchandiser and marketing manager for the southeast region, which includes Florida, Georgia and the southern part of South Carolina. In addition to merchandising stores and running in-store samplings, she has brand ambassadors she manages. One of her biggest customers is military bases who order 8 + cases per flavor per week. […]

Why One Family Physician Recommends Hoist to His Patients

While Hoist originated as a workout hydration solution (and hangover cure), truth is, hydration’s impact reaches far beyond an active day or a crazy night. So, Hoist’s impact does too. Over the past few years, we’ve heard more and more stories of people finding relief or pursuing health with Hoist. Like Charles, who’s battling cancer. […]

When it comes to hydration, the science is clear.

Their tests relied on the Beverage Hydration Index (BHI). That’s a new analysis tool designed to assess the short-term hydration potential of different beverages by measuring urine volume. Download your copy here. Or read the original article.

Triathlons Changed Chris Glass’s Life

Chris Glass’s fitness story starts in 2015 when he weighed in at just over 305 lbs. With a lot of work travel and back surgery, staying healthy was a challenge. That wasn’t okay with him. So we asked Chris to tell us the story of what changed—and, of course, how Hoist fits into it.

Dexter Finds Inspiration in Hoist’s Flavors

When it comes to Hoist, Dexter doesn’t exactly seek optimum hydration. But he does leverage another one of Hoist’s strengths, the taste, by creating cool summer cocktails and smoothies that look too good to drink. “Cooking was always my hobby,” says Dexter, “It was very therapeutic.” He grew up in Port Arthur, Texas, with roots […]

Susanne and Phillip Survive the Summer Heat

Her husband, Phillip, has always been sensitive to the heat. She first realized the extent of it 10 years ago when they went camping and biking with their cousins. Phillip got hot—not unexpectedly—and he drank plenty of water to hydrate. That night, they were out for pizza when it hit him: Phillip excused himself to […]

Mike Mendoza Fuels Up to Run More 70.3 Ironman Triathlons Than Anyone In the World

But that’s not the best part. He also raised over $42,000. Every penny went to veterans in need. This year, Mike is positioned to break his records—for both 70.3 Ironman Triathlons and money raised for the Semper Fi Fund, an organization that he benefited from greatly after being wounded in Iraq in 2009. So we […]

Hydration Facts

For optimal performance, you want working muscles to be hydrated and the gut to be free of excess water. In addition, properly hydrated muscles will help prevent gastric distress when the body is under stress from high performance output. There’s a variety of formulas in the market, here’s how they stack up.