Scott Sherbondy drinks three orange Hoists a day.

For him, it’s all about staying healthy. While he’s always been thin, there’s heart disease and diabetes in his family. So at age 30, Scott gave up soda for Lent and never looked back. Around the same time, he went to the doctor for his annual well visit and came up with a proactive plan to keep his cholesterol, blood pressure and other vitals strong.

The plan? Jogging a mile, doing 20 minutes of yoga, eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated. “I have three boys,” Scott says, “I want to be around to see them graduate, go to college, get married, have grandkids.”

The Challenge of Hydration

Hydration was the only part of the plan Scott didn’t master right away. With everything else, he went all-in: “I had a tendency to indulge in my younger days,” says Scott. “Which means I have to make extreme lifestyle modifications. For example, I used to love donuts, but I’d eat four or five at a time. So I got rid of them altogether.  Each year I’ve eliminated foods that can be very detrimental to one’s health. I no longer drink soda nor do I eat candy bars, ice cream or bacon.”

While he ate well and worked out regularly, Scott’s hydration plan began with substituting sweet tea for soda. “Water is tough for me,” explains Scott. “Nobody has to be shackled to it. I’ve always stayed hydrated in other ways.” He didn’t really read the sweet tea labels, though, just enjoyed his soda alternative.

What Scott didn’t realize is how much sugar he was consuming every day, sometimes three to five times more than the daily recommendation. But with a family history of diabetes, Scott cares about sugar. So he began researching the recommended daily sugar allotment and measuring his personal intake. For three days, he read labels and tracked every gram of sugar that went into his body. The tea, he realized almost immediately, had to go.

“I needed a new water alternative to stay hydrated,” says Scott. “So every morning, I stopped at Get Go and took five minutes to browse drinks—making sure to read labels this time. I tried the gamut before, one morning, I grabbed two orange Hoist.”

That was about three years ago.

Putting Hoist to the Test

Since then, Scott has had three orange Hoists every day. He subscribed online, so he doesn’t have to worry about running out.

Fully committed to his healthy lifestyle, Scott carefully researched Hoist right away. He was thrilled to discover that his new favorite drink was perfectly isotonic, which means it hydrates instantly (most drinks are actually hyper- or hypo-tonic, both resulting in delayed hydration). Better yet, it offered him the hydrating nutrition he wanted.

Scott could actually feel the difference. With tea, he had a caffeine rush all day, complete with highs and lows. According to him, it was a true addiction. Now he drinks a cup of earl grey tea in the morning and three orange Hoists and some water during the day. At night, he treats himself to a small glass of low-fat chocolate milk.

Loyal and Hydrated

Now, Scott talks about Hoist all the time. “I tell everybody! At work, I take in cases and stock the office fridge. A lot of people are curious about it.” Scott’s kids drink it too, since they’ve scaled back on sugary drinks as a family. “We all want to live a little more healthy,” says Scott.

Okay, we had to ask, why only orange? Scott laughs. “I’m a creature of habit.” And with this habit, Scott doesn’t just feel healthier, but his doctor confirms: he IS healthier.