When it comes to Hoist, Dexter doesn’t exactly seek optimum hydration. But he does leverage another one of Hoist’s strengths, the taste, by creating cool summer cocktails and smoothies that look too good to drink.

“Cooking was always my hobby,” says Dexter, “It was very therapeutic.” He grew up in Port Arthur, Texas, with roots in Louisiana. As a kid, he’d cook during holidays with his mom, Mary L. Breaux, while he gathered with his aunt, uncles, dad.

Making It His Day Job

For most of his life though, Dexter only cooked on the side. It was only after he retired from a 21-year in the military in 2011 that he opened a restaurant. He still does some catering and loves the creativity of planning and cooking for an event. But what he really wanted to do was get into the food truck business. So he did.

“It’s called Yummy and Quick and it’s all burgers and barbecue,” says Dexter. “When I first started, it was all bbq. Then I threw in a few burgers and people said it was the best burger they ever had. I took a little break to do all chicken, but it was burgers and barbecue that really stuck.” Dexter says his perfect day is parking at a brewery. His food pairs well with a cold one.

When Dexter talks about why he’s constantly experimenting, he explains “I just love food.” When he was in high school, he wanted $100 sneakers. How did he get them? Sold fried pork chop sandwiches in his neighborhood. “I always liked to eat, too. My mom wondered why I constantly hung out in the kitchen.”

It paid off, though. His mom taught Dexter everything he knows—and now, he adds his own creative flair. “To be honest, I have a really good palette. If you name some ingredients, I can tell you if they taste good together. I’m usually dead on. I like to make them pretty on a plate, too.”

Taste Testing While Hydrating

Pretty soon, he started experimenting with Hoist, which what he usually drank at the gym before, during and after workouts. “One day, I saw it, I drank it and I wasn’t sluggish anymore,” says Dexter. “It was almost like an energy drink so I started buying it all the time.” He adds, “The hydration really works. My father-in-law has cancer in remission. This is all he’ll drink. It makes him feel better.”

So he always had some Hoist sitting around. But one summer evening, he remembered mixing tequila with a sports drink in the army and decided to try a more refined version by putting Hoist in cocktails and smoothies. He has some desserts in the works too.

Next Up

While Dexter has a pretty good setup with Yummy and Quick, he wants to go bigger.

His idea? A state-to-state food truck tour with burgers, barbecue and brews. Most food trucks can’t do that because of the cost involved, but Dexter has figured out the logistics of permits and food delivery. Not only that, but he has the whole tour mapped out.

Dexter might not be selling Hoist cocktails on the road, but you can follow him on Instagram or Facebook to find his next creation. Try it for yourself and pair it with a juicy burger on an outdoor patio—or if you’re in the right place (for now, Fayetteville, North Carolina), grab one of Dexter’s burgers. We can’t wait to follow Dexter and see what’s next on his journey. We know it’ll taste good!