Angie is Hoist’s Field Merchandising and Marketing Manager, covering North Carolina, most of South Carolina and Virginia. Her job includes merchandising stores, going in to see what product is there and if it’s priced correctly, backstocked, etc. She’s on the road four days a week visiting stores and running sampling events.

Without even being asked, Angie started explaining what she loves about her job. Here’s the conversation we had with her:

Teaching people about Hoist is so much fun. This is one of the parts I love. You get to communicate and engage people—teach them something they don’t know. Watching it click for them is really satisfying.

Recently, I had a guy come into a store I was visiting. He was a steel worker looking for hydration. I stopped him and told him about Hoist, so he tried it and loved it! Being in the right place at the right time works.

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been here a year and four months. I have 18 years working for Coca-Cola Consolidated on the sales side vs. merchandising and marketing. A friend of mine saw this opportunity and encouraged me to reach out.

What’s the most challenging part?

I like a good challenge. For me, we’re not in as many stores as I would like. Around where I live, near Charlotte, it’s not in retail distribution. So of course, I like to promote it with my friends. Their kids play sports and I want them to try it. I talk about it like crazy, but I can only tell them to buy it online. Not everybody wants to do that. So one big challenge is locations, but we’re working on that. It takes time!

What do you love most about Hoist?

What I love is that it’s like a small family. There’s not a ton of us. I know my team is only a phone call away, even though we’re in several states. Some of us are on the phone every day and texting constantly. That connectedness is huge.

What’s funny is, I was raised in Charlotte but born in Cincinnati (where Hoist HQ is located), so when I first found out about this opportunity, I thought, “This might be a sign.” It really has come full circle.

What’s one thing about Hoist that most people don’t know/wouldn’t expect?

They often don’t realize how well it really does hydrate them. They ask me if it has energy in it because they have more energy after they drink it, thanks to the isotonic instant hydration. You don’t need energy once you’re hydrated.

During samplings, I get reactions all over the board, everything from “this is awesome” to “whoa, this tastes like alcohol”—probably from people who don’t drink much!—but everybody is surprised to find out it’s not just water. Then I get to start explaining how it’s good for an athletic kid, a mom who drank too much wine, or someone who works outside all day. One landscaper I met told me he drinks one Hoist for every three bottles of water.

Hearing stories out there makes it fun. I WANT us to do well. I want to win. Samplings can be really fun if we make them fun. My favorite is stopping someone with a Gatorade and convincing them to try Hoist instead. Sometimes, somebody gets past me to the register. But if I get them in time for them to taste Hoist, 7/10 times they’ll buy it.

What’s YOUR favorite Hoist flavor?

My favorite is watermelon. Because when you open it, it smells like you just cut into a watermelon. So refreshing. I drink two a day. The only reason I don’t drink more is I’d have too many bathroom stops in between my stores!

If you want to know more about what Angie is up to, follow us on Instagram and see images from some of her daily stops out east. Remember, if there aren’t any events or samplings near you, you can always create your OWN sampling by ordering the 5-flavor variety 6-pack online!