Maura Brooks is the merchandiser and marketing manager for the southeast region, which includes Florida, Georgia and the southern part of South Carolina. In addition to merchandising stores and running in-store samplings, she has brand ambassadors she manages. One of her biggest customers is military bases who order 8 + cases per flavor per week.

We asked her to tell us a little bit more about her role:

I’m constantly looking for potential opportunities. For example, there’s an Ace Hardware near one of my stores. I gave the guy who manages it a Hoist—and he loved it. Now he sells it at his store. People are always looking for something to drink, especially in this Georgia heat.

What’s the best part of working here?

The best part is the people. Even though we don’t all get to work in the same place, we’re very close-knit and support each other. I’ve never worked with a group like this. We have an app that we can talk to each other and share what is going on in each of our regions. If you need anything ever—weekend, night, anytime—they’re always there for you.

Everyone is very passionate about the product, too. I’m into fitness and always drank a lot of water. But once I found out about Hoist, I tried it. It’s not like anything else; it really does work! So many products claim to do this, that and the other, but you can’t tell any difference. The other day, I was doing things outside and felt lightheaded. Ten minutes after a Hoist, felt perfectly fine.

I really do believe in Hoist and want to help grow the product. The whole team believes in it.

How has Hoist changed you?

I’m a lot more confident in my career now. When I joined the team, I never saw myself as a salesperson. I’ve only been with the company for seven months and have already sold three different accounts by myself. In the same way they’re supportive, it’s nice to have people that make you feel good about what you do.

What’s one thing about Hoist that most people don’t know/wouldn’t expect?

I get a lot of people who think Hoist is going to taste more like water, without much flavor. It’s fun seeing people blown away by the taste. What’s even better is that sports drinks have a ton of sugar—which is why they have so much flavor—but this doesn’t. I don’t think most people realize how well it works.

How do you convince them?

The best way is by doing events, like 5ks or half marathons, or going onto Marine bases, and letting them try it themselves. Once they have a bottle and see that it truly makes them feel better, they come back.

I’ve done so many sampling events where we fly through product, because it works. Recently, at an event in Annapolis, one of my brand ambassadors went through an entire palett in 17 minutes. This was going to people trying it for the first time!

And as we increase sales in our chains or the Marine bases, we get to support the managers and see how much they love it. That’s really rewarding.

So what’s your favorite Hoist flavor?

Oh goodness, Strawberry Lemonade! Orange is good too. But Strawberry Lemonade has just enough sweetness, but it’s also tart.

If you want to know more about what Maura is up to, follow us on Instagram and see images from some of her daily stops out east. Remember, if there aren’t any events or samplings near you, you can always create your OWN sampling by ordering the 5-flavor variety 6-pack online!