Robbie has worked at Hoist since 2011. “I wear many hats,” he says to describe what he does. And he does: from active merchandising to meeting buyers to planning events. His official title is Field Merchandising and Marketing Manager in Texas, which means he’s on the road promoting Hoist in all kinds of ways. Or as he likes to say, he’s “bringing the thunder.” 

And he loves it. 

We chatted with him early one morning after he’d been running a partnership event until 1am at a chic hotel in Dallas. Here’s our Q&A:

What brought you to this job?

I was bartending in Cincinnati in March 2011, back from Dallas for awhile to be with my sister, who had cancer. One woman came in every Wednesday and we got to talking about life. She found out I had sales experience in beverages, which peaked her interest because her husband was partnering with one of the Hoist founders.

Right away, it seemed like a great fit. My experience was in bars and back then, Hoist was positioned as a hangover helper. They were also okay with me helping my family as much as possible, which was awesome.

What’s the best part of working here?

I love the fact that I get to wear many hats and make daily decisions. Hoist employees aren’t micromanaged. We’re all trusted to do the right thing—the thing that’s best for Hoist. With that, I can walk into a meeting with a vendor or scheme up an event with a partner, and I don’t have to call to get permission. I can make things happen right in front of me, which makes me feel like an owner and take ownership of the job. I take a lot of pride in Hoist and work with a high level of passion as if I am an owner. People on the road often ask me if I am!

Because of that passion, I can work 7 days a week.

When I get to know people, I like to ask them the top 5 things they love to do. For me, #1 is work—it has to be. Those are the best hours of my life, so if I don’t love what I do, I won’t be happy. I really do love Hoist. What I do for Hoist brings out my passion.

What about your work makes you the most passionate?

I am true giver and love to make people happy!

Bringing Hoist into people’s lives, especially in health and wellness, allows me to better their lives and workouts. There is nothing better than hearing a person say, “Wow, this is great!” or watching them experience the effect of real time hydration! Lets say I’m att a CVS Sampling during flu season and I give parents and kids a sample. When the kids likes it, the parent gets so excited that they have found a better product to hydrate their family instantly! I love the smiles and excitement I can create with Hoist.

There are all kinds of scenarios like this. I might combine with Pure Barre to pull off a pool party or host hot yoga or some high intensity training. If you enjoy people and relationships, then it’s easy to create the need for hydration with fun events, which will generate sales and brand awareness.Basically, I plan parties or workouts or events that cause dehydration… Then I fix it!

That moment, when I educate somebody on the product and they become happier, is what I love the most! Every day I go out and make a life better. That’s why my passion is always high.

Has that always been your favorite part of the job?

A month after I started, I saw the way people immediately connected with Hoist!  I would pass out samples to bartenders and get calls right afterwards requesting a whole case. While I was still bartending, I handed out samples to customers. People would recommend other friends who should try it and wanted to help me grow the product.

I knew then that this product was making people happy, And in return, a lot of those people opened the doors to sales, events, marketing and races.

For example, I met a family out on the Katy Trail yesterday. The kids play soccer, the mom played tennis, the dad was a pediatrician. So they ordered a case right then and there. We talked about how this doctor could order cases for his patients. Their excitement made me excited!

What’s one thing about Hoist that most people don’t know/wouldn’t expect?

Most people don’t know what Hoist is. Even if they drink it, they don’t realize what it’s doing in their body, meaning that it goes straight into the bloodstream. When they “get it”—and they find their favorite flavor—they’re sold.

I want more people to be educated on all the benefits of Hoist.

Last thing: What’s your favorite Hoist flavor?

Orange is my personal drink. I drink it when I need it. Watermelon is my flavor for entertaining friends. I put actual watermelon, vodka and watermelon Hoist in a pitcher for parties. I did this for the Super Bowl, my birthday party, a recent pool party—it’s always a hit! And often the next day, I get texts from friends who expected to be hungover who say, “I feel great today “… I can’t claim that everybody who drinks it won’t feel the vodka at all, but I’m just glad they’re happy and see the value in Hoist.

If you want to know more about what Robbie is up to, follow us on Instagram and see images from some of his daily stops in Texas. Remember, if there aren’t any events or samplings near you, you can always create your OWN sampling by ordering the 5-flavor variety 6-pack online!