Her husband, Phillip, has always been sensitive to the heat. She first realized the extent of it 10 years ago when they went camping and biking with their cousins. Phillip got hot—not unexpectedly—and he drank plenty of water to hydrate.

That night, they were out for pizza when it hit him: Phillip excused himself to the car because he wasn’t feeling well. Susanne found him shaking with the heater cranked up, wrapped in blankets. “We probably should have gone to the hospital,” admits Susanne. He got a fever and stayed inside for the entire next day.

They finally identified it as not just a heat issue, but a hydration issue.

“Then we got more careful,“ says Susanne. “But he’ll push himself doing normal outdoor summer activities.” Susanne had been buying different drinks for Phillip but was committed to avoiding artificial color and ingredients. When she gave him his first Hoist, the taste hooked him.

But the real turning point happened pretty recently when they were planning to volunteer at the Seaplane base for an event on a 90-degree weekend. They had to stay outside in the heat all day, and Phillip, unsurprisingly, started to feel bad. Susanne ran to Kwik Trip and cleaned them out. Philip drank a bottle of Hoist every 30 or 45 minutes and had no problems at all for the rest of the weekend. That had never happened with any other drink.

“I wondered why this stuff worked so well,” says Susanne. “So I looked it up and read about how it bypasses your digestive system to work immediately. That sold us on it.”

Their family started drinking so much of it, in fact, that they started ordering the concentrate, which is usually promoted to athletic teams. Now, they carefully measure it to fill water bottles. Susanne’s son drinks it for soccer and shares it with some of his friends.

With concentrate, Susanne and Phillip have enough Hoist on hand to stay hydrated during every hot summer event: yard work, soccer games, boating. “When Phillip drinks it every 30-60 minutes, it keeps him feeling well even in 90-degree heat and humidity. It really made me a believer! ”

If you want to try concentrate for your team—or your family—you can order it here! It’s a great way to stay on top of summer’s sizzle.