In 2013, I started running and lost 100 pounds. After that, I started short running races—I never planned to do any distance. But when I was all set to run the Disney 5K one year, a friend who was planning to run the Disney half marathon said she couldn’t do it, so I ran it for her. You’re not supposed to do that, but I did. The following year, I ran the Miami marathon, then the New York City marathon. I’ve now done 4 full and 5 half marathons.

During one of my half marathons, I discovered Hoist. I was running a half marathon in Sept of 2014 when one of the sponsors handed me a drink I’d never had before. It was so refreshing! I literally stopped running and asked, “What is this?” Then I went home and googled it, so I could get more.

At that time, it was only available at Walgreens, but I started training with it. It doesn’t give me that “water belly” I get with so many other drinks. Even better, it really hydrates: A while ago, I ran the Beach to Bay in Corpus Christi, Texas, with my friend. It was a really bad day—we were both so hot and water wasn’t helping. My Hoist had actually gotten hot, but I drank it anyway. My friend, however, didn’t have any. She collapsed. We had to carry her to get help and she ended up getting hospitalized.

My nine-year-old son started drinking it too, especially during karate or baseball. During the summers, he goes to Miami and I ship him cases of Hoist to drink all day while he’s swimming. In the summer, we drink more. It gets so hot. You drink water and it’s not enough. It’s so hot, it’s disgusting. There’s no other way to put it.

Plus, it’s hard to get kids to stay hydrated. His lips dry up and crack, but Hoist helps. He tells people, “I don’t do Gatorade,” and looks for it at every Circle K we see. He even made me buy his friends some.

It’s not just for sports though. Literally, we drink it for anything—sickness, fatigue. It hits you right away and helps you feel better. Right now, for example, I’m thinking about going to the doctor, so I’m drinking Hoist. I always have some in the fridge.

I always it recommend for a hangover too. I don’t drink like that—I’m too old! But I have a coworker who always came in hungover. I told him to drink it, and it helped.

I’m a big promoter of Hoist. Once I handed out samples with Hoist at a soccer tournament. That was awesome to see the people’s reaction and how I made them feel. I post about it sometimes on Instagram and I tell people, I’m not getting paid, it’s just a really good drink. I believe in the product. I stand by it.