On Thanksgiving Day, 2016, Amy Robillard ran Cincinnati’s annual Thanksgiving Day 10K Race, like she had done for years. Coming through the finish line, she randomly grabbed a Hoist to hydrate for the next part of her workout, her post-race run. For someone who runs about 80 miles a week, 10K was simply a warm up.

After a few gulps, she grabbed a second Hoist. “What are you doing? I’ve never seen you drink like that!” her running buddy said to her. Amy always hydrated—that was important to her. But it made her stomach hurt. For the first time, drinking was easy.

“Water sits in my stomach. I feel it sloshing around and it makes me ill, but I’m not a fan of sports drinks full of dye and sugar and junk like that, so I force the water. But when I drank Hoist for the first time, I was amazed because I couldn’t feel it.” Pretty important for an elite runner who has won the Flying Pig Marathon twice and the Flying Pig Half Marathon three times—not to mention qualified for Olympic trials in 2016.

Everything Amy had experimented with—from plain old water to Nuun tablets—made her nauseas. That Thanksgiving day, she knew she had to have Hoist for her training.

So Amy emailed Hoist’s customer service and said, “Who are you and where can I get this?” Hoist sent her four cases. Right away, it became a staple. Amy subscribed to Strawberry Lemonade and, later her new favorite, Watermelon, so that she’d never run out.

“I drink my first Hoist of the day in the morning, after coffee. If I go on a longer run, I drink it during and after my workout. Otherwise, I have a bottle ready and waiting for me when I get home,” says Amy. During a recent half marathon in Nashville, when she forgot to pack a case, she sent her husband to scour the city until he finally found one at a convenience store.

Her husband was happy to do it, though, because he gets it. He doesn’t run as many miles, but regular mowing, edging and mulching takes him 6-7 hours—and now, 3-4 Hoists. Even Amy’s 11-year-old daughter is a fan. An athlete herself, she can’t drink anything else. “That’s been big for me,” says Amy. “I can’t be hypocritical in coaching kids or with my daughter. But I was telling them to hydrate and struggling to do it myself. Now I can back it up.”

The best part is, Amy feels the difference hydration is making. She doesn’t get a dry, sticky mouth. She doesn’t just “survive” her training runs. More often than not, she finishes feeling just as strong as when she started.

While Amy is an elite athlete who could push products for advertising, she doesn’t. “People know I’m picky. If I use it, it must ‘work.’” To us, that’s the best reference of all.

When we asked Amy to share any last thoughts about Hoist, she added, “I wish more people knew about Hoist—not only that it ‘works’ but that it’s a great company. They don’t ask me, ‘When are you racing next?’ They say, ‘We know, you’re a mom. When you need it, we’re here.’” Which is exactly where we want to be.

We hope Amy and all of our customers feel like that. When you need to hydrate—no matter why—Hoist is here. Feel free to give us a shout or test it out anytime!