Three Scary Facts About Dehydration

Staying hydrated is good for the body: it lubricates your joints, carries fluid to all your internal systems to help them function, helps your body maintain a healthy temperature, even clears your skin of toxins to make it more radiant.

Why One Family Physician Recommends Hoist to His Patients

While Hoist originated as a workout hydration solution (and hangover cure), truth is, hydration’s impact reaches far beyond an active day or a crazy night. So, Hoist’s impact does too. Over the past few years, we’ve heard more and more stories of people finding relief or pursuing health with Hoist. Like Charles, who’s battling cancer. […]

When it comes to hydration, the science is clear.

Their tests relied on the Beverage Hydration Index (BHI). That’s a new analysis tool designed to assess the short-term hydration potential of different beverages by measuring urine volume. Download your copy here. Or read the original article.

Susanne and Phillip Survive the Summer Heat

Her husband, Phillip, has always been sensitive to the heat. She first realized the extent of it 10 years ago when they went camping and biking with their cousins. Phillip got hot—not unexpectedly—and he drank plenty of water to hydrate. That night, they were out for pizza when it hit him: Phillip excused himself to […]

Hydration Facts

For optimal performance, you want working muscles to be hydrated and the gut to be free of excess water. In addition, properly hydrated muscles will help prevent gastric distress when the body is under stress from high performance output. There’s a variety of formulas in the market, here’s how they stack up.  

How do you hydrate?

Our bodies need the perfect blend of water, electrolytes and carbohydrates. Know the science behind what you’re drinking. Want to know more? Read about the science of hydration.

Avoiding Sugar Can Still Taste Sweet

Scott Sherbondy drinks three orange Hoists a day. For him, it’s all about staying healthy. While he’s always been thin, there’s heart disease and diabetes in his family. So at age 30, Scott gave up soda for Lent and never looked back. Around the same time, he went to the doctor for his annual well […]

Mason High School Hydrates Their Athletes with Hoist

For about two years now, Mason High School athletes have been drinking Hoist. All thanks to Athletic Trainer Kathy Bernard, who discovered it accidentally. “I didn’t really know we had options outside of Gatorade or similar competitors,” she said. Then one day, Kathy went to a Greater Cincinnati Athletic Trainers’ Meeting and heard Hoist’s Rachel […]