What does Perfectly Isotonic" mean?

The term "Perfectly Isotonic" means that the formula has the perfect balance of electrolytes, carbohydrates (sugar) for immediate absorption into the bloodstream. AKA - it doesn't waste time hydrating your body!

Why is there so much Sodium?

Sodium (Salt) is the electrolyte that is lost most in sweat, therefore, it’s the most important electrolyte to replenish.

Is hoist just for athletes?

No, hoist can be in practically everyone’s daily regiment as a preventative hydration beverage, hydrating prior to being dehydrated.

Why is there sugar? Do you have a zero sugar version?

No, there is no zero sugar version. In order to be perfectly isotonic, a formula must have some carbohydrates (sugar). Hoist still has less sugar than your typical sports drink. It is what gives you the extra NATURAL energy or fuel you need to keep going during the day.

What is the pH of hoist?


Is hoist BPA Free?

Yes! Hoist's bottle is BPA free.

Is hoist safe for kids?

YES! Kids love hoist. It’s hard to get kids to drink enough fluids, and the ones they want to drink usually have high amounts of sugar. Hoist is a healthier, lower sugar option!

PSA - try making hoist popsicles for your kiddos. Hydration has never been more tasty!

Is hoist safe to drink if you are pregnant?

Yes. Several women have exclaimed that hoist was the only thing they could keep down during pregnancy, because it is absorbed into the bloodstream right away, without the need for digestion. Run it past your Physician if it will help to ease your mind.

14 grams of sugar seems like a lot of sugar for me.

In order for hoist to be isotonic, it has to have a small amount of sugar. If the sugar was removed, hoist would be hypotonic, and have to be digested, slowing down the hydration process.

FYI - 14 grams of sugar is significantly less than many other beverages.

Is there a powder version?

No, we do not have a powder version. Since the formula must be measured to very specific amounts in order to be perfectly isotonic, we cannot control how people would mix it and it may not have the same efficacy.

Is hoist safe for diabetics?

Every person’s body is different, so diabetics should consult their Physician before consumption.

What kind of sugars are in hoist?

Crystalline Fructose and Glucose.

How can I buy hoist in bulk?

Please visit our 'Shop' page to purchase cases of hoist. We deliver directly to your doorstep! Talk about Rapid Hydration....

Where can I buy hoist?

Head on over to our 'Find Hoist' page and enter your location to see the closest hoist retailers to you!