Sports drinks have been around for ages. Flavored waters are a dime a dozen these days. Isotonic beverages are pretty unique—we aim to provide you with all the knowledge you need to understand what you’re putting in your body.  

Q: How does Hoist hydrate faster than other sports drinks on the market? 

A: It’s perfectly isotonic. Check out the science to see what that means. 

Q: Is Hoist just for athletes?

A: No way—everyone gets dehydrated. Hoist can be in practically everyone’s daily regimen as a preventative hydration beverage. Check out our hydration 101 to see how it hydration affects our bodies. 

Q: Why is there sugar? Do you have a zero sugar version?

In order to be perfectly isotonic, it has to have carbohydrates (sugar). It is what gives you the extra natural energy or fuel during the day. At the same time, it’s a lot less sugar than a typical sports drink—just what your body needs. For perspective, it’s fewer calories than in an orange.

Q: What kind of sugars are in hoist?

A: Pure cane sugar and dextrose

Q: Why is there so much sodium?

A: Sodium (salt) is the electrolyte that is lost most in sweat. Therefore, it’s the most important electrolyte to replenish. Our electrolyte levels are made to match a human’s sweat rate.

Q: What kind of electrolytes are in Hoist? 

A: A blend of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium and calcium, made to replicate what’s in human sweat. Here’s the breakdown: 

  • 50% of the blend is sodium chloride (salt):
  • A salt that carries an electrical charge, is 50% of the electrolyte blend.
  • Sodium’s primary function is to transport water to your cells by moving it over cellular boundaries.

The remaining 50% blend is a blend of the rest:

  • Potassium chloride for sodium balance
  • Magnesium to help muscles relax
  • Calcium for normal muscle contraction, normal heartbeat and nerve transmission

Q: What is the pH of hoist?

A: 3.5

Q: Is Hoist safe for kids?

A: YES! Kids love hoist. It’s hard to get kids to drink enough fluids, and the ones they want to drink usually have high amounts of sugar. Hoist is a healthy, low-sugar option! 

Q: Is Hoist safe to drink if you are pregnant?

A: Yes. Some women have claimed that Hoist was the only thing they could keep down during pregnancy, because it is absorbed right away. Run it past your physician if it will help ease your mind.

Q: Is Hoist safe for diabetics?

A: Every person’s body is different, so diabetics should consult their Physician before consumption.

Q: Is there a powder version?

A: No, we do not have a powder version. Since the formula must be measured to very specific amounts in order to be perfectly isotonic, we can’t control how people would mix it and it may not have the same efficacy.

 Q: Where can I buy Hoist? 

A: Easiest way to buy Hoist is to subscribe online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. We also ship to retailers across the country. Find the one nearest you. 

Any other questions? Just ask. 


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