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The original concept for Hoist began in 1999, the year two of Hoist’s co-founders, Kelly Heekin and Ben Schmidt, and their childhood friends graduated from college. One of their close friends had made it to the NFL, and he told them that he and his teammates used a popular infant beverage to stay hydrated on the sidelines. Not only did they hydrate with it during practices and games, but also in the morning after a night out on the town. Kelly and Ben decided to start using it as a recovery drink too. The effects felt great—and happened quickly—but Kelly and Ben hated the taste.

Since there was no other drink that made them feel as good and tasted good, they wondered if they could create one themselves. Thus, the idea for Hoist was born!

After six years of talking about the “what-ifs,” and still not seeing a similar product on the market, they took action. They spent 2 years working nights and weekends, researching and creating a brand that people would enjoy. The founders each put in enough money for a 6-month test run to see what would happen.

People loved it!

Hoist officially launched in 2009 in the founders’ hometown of Cincinnati. At first, it was marketed directly toward hangovers and distributed it out of the trunk of Kelly’s car. After a couple of years of consumer feedback, they realized people were using Hoist for an everyday hydration drink, rather than just a hangover cure.

So they rebranded and repackaged Hoist. But that wasn’t all. They also dug into the science of hydration. Then they completely reformulated Hoist to become perfectly isotonic, an instant hydration option that provides a natural boost. Like an IV in a bottle.

Now Hoist makes people feel better after a night out, sure, but also during an intense workout, a long flight, a persistent illness or just a typical day.

Who knew hydration could taste this good? 


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