The original concept for Hoist was dreamt up in 1999, the year my childhood friends and I graduated from college. When one of our close friends made it to the NFL, he told us that he and his teammates used a popular infant beverage to stay hydrated on the sidelines. Not only did they use the beverage to hydrate during practices and games, but they also used it to rehydrate in the morning after a night out on the town. My friends and I decided to start using this product to feel better faster after a fun night out. We realized there was a need for a hydration drink with similar efficacy, but one that actually tasted good. Thus, the idea for Hoist was born!

Although we had a great idea, we had no beverage knowledge and very little work experience, so we put the idea for hoist on the backburner. After six years of talking about the “what-ifs”, and still not seeing a similar product on the market, we decided to take action. We spent 2 years working nights and weekends, researching and creating a brand that people would enjoy. We each put in enough money for a 6-month test run and as a group we decided – if this goes well, great, if not, at least we tried and can stop dreaming about it.

We finally launched Hoist in 2009 in our hometown of Cincinnati, marketing it directly toward hangovers and distributing it out of the trunk of my car. After a couple of years of consumer feedback, we realized people were using Hoist for an everyday hydration drink, rather than just a hangover cure. Thus, we decided to rebrand, reformulate and repackage Hoist.

That was when we started working with Infinit Nutrition, a company that creates custom formulas for some of the top endurance athletes in the world, to reformulate Hoist to become Perfectly Isotonic. We wanted to provide the market with a premium hydration drink that tastes great and works even better.

Starting a beverage company from scratch has not always been easy, but with all of your support over the years, you have turned our dream into a reality. We value your opinions and are open to all feedback, so please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We hope you love Hoist as much as we do!


Kelly Heekin,

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