My 4 year old had a stomach bug over Christmas. Only thing she was able to keep down was Hoist. Felt relief knowing there was at least something I could give her to keep her hydrated.
I order Hoist for my dad he is 85 and Orange is his favorite flavor. He is your biggest advertisement. He tells everyone that Hoist keeps him from having leg cramps!
Debbie, for Dad, Roger
I drink hoist after a night on the town to keep my old bones hydrated and feeling alive. This stuff kicks a** if you are hungover or just sick.
Hey! I just wanted to say I really like Hoist! I wrestle, and on the day of a match, I have to take it easy on water and hydrating to stay underweight. Having your drinks after I weigh in makes me feel better than Gatorade and Body Armour in terms of hydration and bloating.
This stuff is brilliant! First time I tried it, I was on the verge of a dehydration-driven headache. Within 5 minutes of drinking, I felt fantastic. I've continued to use for instant hydration before and after running ... works every time! And, it doesn't seem to give me the same sugar-hangover feeling I can get from Gatorade.
Just wanted to say thanks for the Hoist! I really love it - my doctor recommended Gatorade but I know that stuff is loaded with artificial dyes - it's nice to find a similar drink that doesn't have any of that bad stuff! You definitely made a fan out of me.
I went into the gas station today to grab a redbull and saw this drink. I had never seen it before so I just tried it. It was amazing! I’m going to start to use it to substitute my daily redbull. Love it!!
I’m a runner who came across by chance, actually it was fate! This is the only product that i use while training for my marathons. It doesnt give you “water belly” that most hydration drinks give you! I feel instantly hydrated and ready to keep going! The taste is amazing! I also use this for my son when he’s sick. It is perfect and he loves the taste.
As a fighter, we have to lose weight for fights and drinking a bottle of this not only gives me back what I lost but I also do not have to chug a bunch of water to get back to what I need to feel strong. This is definitely helping the weight loss process. Thank you.
I drink this after softball, volleyball, cutting the grass, hangovers and giving blood. It quickly rehydrates you!
I’ve tried many different waters for my father who is 80 years old. He does not like water but loves this drink. I buy all of the flavors for him and the entire family now.
I tried the Dragonfruit for the first time while trail running in Plano, Texas – hot and humid afternoon conditions – I was about an hour in to my run and feeling a little tired. The Dragonfruit was easy to drink and tasty. It went down like plain water – It did not cause any stomach bloating or cramping – no residual stomach issues. I felt replenished while running, and was able to complete my long run in the hot conditions. I’m going to keep trying it and add some of the other flavors. I’m hoping they can create a “mix” at some point so I can make my own bottles.
I was given some samples of hoist on the way back from the Sectional Championships for Texas tennis. Not only did they taste great but they did exactly what they said they would. The tournament was 6 days of intense competition in the summer heat so I was a bit dehydrated but after drinking one of the dragonfruit flavored drinks I felt a significant difference.
My family has enjoyed the benefits of Hoist for over a year now. We keep it on hand in case the kids get sick - better than Pedialyte! I use it to stay hydrated as medications I am on are dehydrating. Hoist keeps me where I need to be. Great for the girls sports too. Win-win.
Amazon Customer
Great product and worth every penny. I was introduced to this drink by a friend when I was sick and severely dehydrated. Within a half hour of drinking one Hoist, I felt much better. I have been a loyal customer ever since."
Amazon Customer
Solid run followed by a @drinkhoist ... feeling good #rapid rehydration #liftlimits
I bike, run, workout and teach fitness daily. Never was big on neon-colored sports drinks, and water was boring. So I walked around in a lot of body pain, mainly due to dehydration. Hoist really makes a huge difference. I feel much less pain, healthier; I like the science behind it and the purity of the formula. My friends who drink alcohol also swear by it as their new anti-hangover prevention and relief! Dump your over-priced "koolaid" and step up to this.


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