Strawberry Lemonade




Lemon Lime

Dragonfruit, with a flower like a flame, Hoist will ignite your game.

A little bit sweet, a little sour – our Strawberry Lemonade is a crowd pleaser.

Better than Orange slices after a soccer game – this will get you back in the game.

A refreshing take on hydration, Lemon Lime will put a twist in your daily routine.

Solid run followed by a @drinkhoist ... feeling good #rapid rehydration #liftlimits


"Definitely helps with rapid hydration. Always keep it on hand to help with a family member's low blood pressure issues."


I bike, run, workout and teach fitness daily. Never was big on neon-colored sports drinks, and water was boring. So I walked around in a lot of body pain, mainly due to dehydration. Hoist really makes a huge difference. I feel much less pain, healthier; I like the science behind it and the purity of the formula. My friends who drink alcohol also swear by it as their new anti-hangover prevention and relief! Dump your over-priced "koolaid" and step up to this.


"My family has enjoyed the benefits of Hoist for over a year now. We keep it on hand in case the kids get sick - better than Pedialyte! I use it to stay hydrated as medications I am on are dehydrating. Hoist keeps me where I need to be. Great for the girls sports too. Win-win."