Strawberry Lemonade




Lemon Lime

Dragonfruit, with a flower like a flame, Hoist will ignite your game.

A little bit sweet, a little sour – our Strawberry Lemonade is a crowd pleaser.

Better than Orange slices after a soccer game – this will get you back in the game.

A refreshing take on hydration, Lemon Lime will put a twist in your daily routine.

Solid run followed by a @drinkhoist ... feeling good #rapid rehydration #liftlimits


"I just wanted to say that I tried this for the first time at my job...in which I do housekeeping at a hospital and I have tried other drinks before. To my surprise, I felt extremely different after drinking it and I get really thirsty. This actually did the trick. I felt way better after drinking this! Thank you for coming up with something so good and tastes great."


"Definitely helps with rapid hydration. Always keep it on hand to help with a family member's low blood pressure issues."


"My family has enjoyed the benefits of Hoist for over a year now. We keep it on hand in case the kids get sick - better than Pedialyte! I use it to stay hydrated as medications I am on are dehydrating. Hoist keeps me where I need to be. Great for the girls sports too. Win-win."