About Hoist

The science behind feeling better faster.

What is Hoist?

Hoist is a perfectly isotonic premium hydration beverage that provides you with the fastest hydration possible. Hoist is the smart choice for fueling your active lifestyle.

Faster than water?

Water is okay, but osmosis doesn’t hold a candle to being isotonic. And the average sports drink is worse. Why? Because the chemical makeup of most things you drink is different than the fluids of your body. Which means it takes time for your body to absorb them. In fact... your body has to add its own water to the drinks in your stomach just to begin digestion. 

Hoist is different. It’s perfectly isotonic.

What does isotonic mean?

An isotonic drink has a similar carbohydrate and electrolyte concentration to your body, meaning that your body will absorb them faster than water alone. Isotonic is a measure of osmotic pressure, meaning how cells respond to an external solution. When a solution is isotonic, it can freely cross cellular membranes because the solute concentration is the same as your body’s natural fluids.

Because Hoist is isotonic, your body can start absorbing rejuvenating electrolytes from the first sip. Your body doesn’t have to do any work to give your cells a drink. Pretty awesome, right? We know.

Plus, Hoist does not contain any added colors or high fructose corn syrup. It’s a no-brainer for when you really need to rehydrate fast.

See what it means in comparison to other sports drinks.