Strawberry Lemonade



Dragonfruit, with a flower like a flame, Hoist will ignite your game.

A little bit sweet, a little sour – our Strawberry Lemonade is a crowd pleaser.

Like an actual watermelon, this delicious flavor will provide the electrolytes and low calorie refreshment you need.

Better than Orange slices after a soccer game – this will get you back in the game.

I think I would be a great brand ambassador because I am truly excited about this product!!! I am a drinker of alcohol, and though I enjoy a good drink or two, I always dread that feeling the next day... The headache, dry mouth, just feeling weak after a night of drinking! I tried drinking plenty of water, gatorade, powerade, coconut water, Arizona RX, sprite, and any other thing that i have heard was good for a hangover, but nothing seems to work, at least not fast enough! Then one day I came across hoist at the Circle K down from my house, I was like ''what is this''? Then I saw where it said compare to pedialyte... Now for some this might have been a turn off, because who wants pedialyte, not even babies do! Lol! But me being the man that I am, I know the genius and importance of having such an option! So my next thought was does it taste good? So I said let me try this watermelon one... So i went home, had my drinks, played some music, and woke up the next day feeling the typical way I usually feel after drinking! So I opened up the hoist, and by the end of the bottle i felt totally different. I was not just about quenching my thirst, My energy was totally different!!! It was like a shot in the arm! I was like wow! People need to know about this. and not only that, I gotta buy some more!!! Now here I am on a Saturday morning after another night of drinking, and of course I had my bottle of hoist! And it was no fluke, this stuff works! Now I know that you guys are not solely marketing to alcohol consumers, but for me personally, this is my story!!! I have never been so excited about a product!!! I have always had a liking and interest in marketing, I have done affiliate marketing on a few of my websites, but I never been really excited or passionate about a product, it was more about commission. But hoist is a different story! Thank you guys for coming to market, please don't go away!!!


I drink hoist after a night on the town to keep my old bones hydrated and feeling alive. This stuff kicks a** if you are hungover or just sick.


This stuff is brilliant! First time I tried it, I was on the verge of a dehydration-driven headache. Within 5 minutes of drinking, I felt fantastic. I've continued to use for instant hydration before and after running ... works every time! And, it doesn't seem to give me the same sugar-hangover feeling I can get from Gatorade.


I’m a runner who came across by chance, actually it was fate! This is the only product that i use while training for my marathons. It doesnt give you “water belly” that most hydration drinks give you! I feel instantly hydrated and ready to keep going! The taste is amazing! I also use this for my son when he’s sick. It is perfect and he loves the taste.