HOIST IV Level Hydration Announces Partnership with Melissa Bachman

HOIST IV Level Hydration Announces Partnership with Melissa Bachman

HOIST® one of the fastest growing hydration beverages in the U.S., is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Melissa Bachman.

Bachman is a prominent force in the outdoors industry, renowned for her hunting skills, her passion for conservation, and her role as host of the television program, Winchester Deadly Passion. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as both Bachman and HOIST join forces to promote hydration and maximize success within the outdoors community.

"We are beyond excited to partner with Melissa," said HOIST Director of Marketing Taryn Lawson. "Melissa’s dedication to the outdoors industry and commitment to empowering others to lead an active and fulfilling lifestyle perfectly complements the HOIST mission."

Winchester Deadly Passions documents Bachman’s hunting experiences and shares her insider tips as she hunts a variety of species from around the world, including thunderous bull elk and thousand-pound gators. Through her authentic portrayal of the outdoors lifestyle across her social channels, Bachman has amassed a following on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and television. Today, Bachman's fast-paced content has built a community that shares in her passion for the outdoors and promotes adventure.

HOIST is dedicated to providing high-quality hydration solutions for those that push physical boundaries to its limits, making this community the perfect match. With a range of refreshing bottled beverages, as well as replenishing powder sticks and pouches, HOIST is made to support the performance levels that’s required of hunters who take to the outdoors for any extreme adventure.


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