Adam “Colt” McBee is a USA Olympic Skeet Shooter for Team USA. He has been competing for 17 years. He is currently a 2X World Cup Silver Medalist and a 5X USA World Cup Team Member. During his time he has equaled the World Record in Olympic Skeet with an astounding 125/125. 

McBee: “Drink Hoist has really a game changer for my performance. I am very blessed to be on the team and it has helped me become an even better competitor.”

McBee has many hobbies including, hunting, fishing, social media channels for trick shooting, and coaching for young athletes to learn about his sport.From now until 2024, his finishing sequence will be in hopes of competing at the Olympic Games in Paris. 

Competing at several world cups, this helps provide the peak up to the Olympics. 

Favorite quote: Attitude is equally as important as success.