Every company has its own story. The inspiration. How it started. How it evolved. How it grew. Here at Hoist, we don’t lose sight of our humble Ohio beginnings and how we are relentless in our goal to produce the best hydration product on the market.

What started Hoist was a need for a hydration drink that could stand up to the everyday dehydrating tasks in life. Popular sports drinks on the market were more sugar than substance, and didn’t provide the rapid hydration the founders were looking for to keep up with their high-intensity lifestyle. They didn’t want to create another product for the superstar athletes of the world. They wanted to create a product for the people who put their blood, sweat and tears into everything they do. The people that leave nothing on the table.

The Hoist success story has been built upon hard work and an unparalleled commitment to providing the best products and customer satisfaction. Our vow is to break the mold of the traditional sports drink, and to deliver a product that hydrates so well that even the U.S. Department of Defense approves it for keeping our Nation’s Elite fighting force hydrated. The Hoist promise is to provide a premium hydration beverage to those who believe in and fight for our country.

Our products are designed and tested to stand up in the toughest conditions that can drive dehydration. That is why we are an official supplier of the DoD. If Hoist can keep our Warfighters hydrated, then you better believe it will work for you too. Our customers deserve nothing less than the best and we wouldn’t want it any other way.