meet ambassador alyssa hall

Meet Alyssa Hall - also known as "Aly from Alabama" because of her catchy handle on social media. She is twenty-six years old and  lives down in South Alabama, where she hunts whitetail, turkey, hogs, and predators throughout the year. When she is not in the woods, you can catch her on the water either fishing, noodling, or bowfishing! Noodling is her favorite in the mix.

Her love for the outdoors does not stem from tradition or habit, as she was not raised living this lifestyle. In fact, she wasn’t introduced to this way of life until she was twenty years old... and she has her (now) husband to thank for that introduction. If it weren’t for him and his tremendous amount of patience, she knows she would not have made any of the incredible memories that she has experienced over the last six years.

Because of being introduced to so many new hobbies and challenges, Alyssa learned that the best way to become self-aware is to try new things - and the outdoor lifestyle provides her with the perfect opportunity to do just that — as each season brings on new adventures, new challenges, and new memories that will last her a lifetime.