meet ambassador adrianna armstrong

With her passion for hunting and her fun-loving spirit, Adriana Armstrong of Southern Illinois is making quite a name for herself in the outdoor and archery world. Adriana started hunting with her dad, Darrick, at the age of 5. At the age of 6 she took her first whitetail deer and turkey.

Adriana currently holds the record for the youngest girl to complete a turkey grand slam at barely 7 years old. She has been the subject of several magazine and online articles. She has also appeared on 7 nationally aired shows. In 2017, Adriana and her sister, Alli, began their own TV series called Grace Camo and Lace. Grace Camo and Lace, which airs on the Sportsman Channel, Hunt Channel TV, and MOTV is currently airing the sixth season.

One of Adriana’s biggest interests other than hunting is shooting competitive archery. Throughout high school in S3DA, Adriana won five state championships. She also won the 2017 S3DA Outdoor 3D National Championship. After high school, Adriana shot as a collegiate archer at Southeastern Illinois College, a National Award Winning Archery Team. There, she won several gold medals in the USA Archery organization. She continues to shoot in ASA through which she has most recently won the 2021 Illinois State Championship in the Women’s Hunter division.

Adriana's passion for hunting drives her to keep the sport alive by showing youth and other women how much fun can be found in the outdoors. Along with her sister, Alli, she has helped several youth and women get started in the sport and has demonstrated gun and archery safety knowledge at hunter safety classes. Adriana is living proof that hunting can be safely enjoyed at an early age.

Adriana enjoys being outside as much as possible. She loves to ride horses and four-wheelers. She enjoys fishing, shooting, shed hunting, and getting one up on her big sister, Alli. Even though Adriana keeps quite busy with all her activities, she has maintained a straight A average throughout her school career from elementary school to now as a college student working towards a bachelor degree online through SNHU. Adriana recently began working for the Southeastern Illinois College Foundation.