meet ambassador justin varner

Justin was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but has lived in Denver, Colorado for most of his life. He served in the US Army as a combat medic with 25th Infantry Division in Alaska where he obtained his Expert Field Medic Badge, and won the USARAK Best Medic competition. After discharging from the military, he moved back to Colorado to pursue a short lived competitive snowboarding career in halfpipe and snowboard-cross where he was able to compete at the National and International level. After a couple of unfortunate injuries, he decided to put away the snowboard and focus on his strengths in fitness and competitive shooting. This lead him to compete in The Tactical Games, which he has come to love! This past year was his first year in the sport, and he is stoked to progress and improve my shooting so that he can be a top contender in the Men’s elite division. I am excited to have Hoist along with me for the ride, the brand has already been keeping me hydrated at multiple competitions and I know that it has helped with the hydration side of my athletic recovery.